De la curiosidad femenina en un mundo de hombres

Hoy platiqué con un conocido a quien no veía en 6 años o más. Me saludó con mucha alegría y me preguntó qué me hice. Charlamos un rato y, con pesar, confesó que se sentía preocupado por mí.

Los últimos meses…

De cómo la gente habla de lo que no sabe.

Desde que me separé del ambiente magisterial mexicano varios ex-compañeros y algunos amigos me han contactado para saber qué me hice. Algunos, los menos, sólo me han saludado, quedándose con el morbo por dentro.

Muchos de estos personajes estuvieron en contacto cercano y constante conmigo durante mi etapa de formación…

#Crypto #Founder Journal

“¿Por qué escribiste esa historia?”- Me preguntó.

Me congelé y no supe qué decir. La espera de una respuesta y no obtenerla en el tiempo adecuado zanjó una distancia entre ellos que, en ese momento pareció insignificante. Pero con el tiempo se volvió insalvable.

Ella le escribía. Todo en la…

#Crypto #Founder Journal

Week 13

Gaugecash was born as a domestic solution to a domestic problem: involve tiny investors in wealth management. White Appleby Capital is a private equity fund grown in Latin America, where small investors are the vas majority and always out of great opportunities for capital growth through high risk/high return investments.

#Crypto #Founder Journal

Week 12

Last week was the first time I didn’t post into this journal.

Despite my old friend @copynostra congratulating me for writing even without readers, I’ve been feeling I’m not doing anything meaningful.

Then, scrolling on youtube I discovered my new friend @AliAbdaal.

Show your work and all the reasons he…

#Crypto #Founder Journal

Week 9

I’m writing this journal for nine weeks now. This isn’t the journal a teenager writes in a notebook. I’m turning 40 this week so, there’s a good chance I could make more sense.

Scrolling on LinkedIn I found a guy who works in one of these “Crypto Banks” The name…

#Crypto Founder Journal

Week 7

I’ve always been an NFL fan. Last week I felt disappointed. Officials weren’t fair, and the game seemed arranged. Was it only me? Or did anyone else felt the same way?

I’m a 49'ers follower, so you can’t judge me as a “bad loser” because I’m used to losing. …

An ode to all those who dare to leave the comfort zone

Week 6

February is here. Days go by so quickly I can still remember what happened ten days ago with the Gamestop thing. The power of social media is the lesson there. Despite legally made or not, the mob made it happen.

A real example of what will happen once we decide…

An ode to brave people (and Star Wars fans)

Week 5

You know I have two kids. The 13y came to my “office” (I sit to work on a couch in my bedroom) and said: “I want to move to Spain.” That statement came out of the blue for me, but he had been thinking about that for almost a week.

Abril Altés

Crypto Founder. Curious looking to learn something every single day. Mom, daughter, friend, reader. Newbie writer

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