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Abril Altés
3 min readFeb 22, 2021
Because all you need is love and more shoes

Week 8

I thought I had my whole life to spend. Then suddenly I realized I didn’t.

A guy named William wrote, “When the only person you're trying to prove wrong is yourself, you’ll discover you have your whole life to succeed.”

I’m trying to raise two kids. What they think of me matters more than anything else in the world. If I lose the entrepreneurship game, I’ll lose credibility and their faith in their almighty mother they have. So, I don’t have my whole life to spend.

It all ended up in this thought I’m sure I read somewhere, but I can’t remember where. “The most innovative projects to the established markets are like new proteins to the body: immediately REJECTED. But later, the benefit is found, and a unique ecosystem emerges.”

So, new things aren’t bad. They are just different. Sometimes they are scary, but nobody died of facing a paramount challenge. XXI century will prove it.

I’ve talked about Manchester. A lawyer yesterday said GAUGECASH offers the real deal Libra wanted to provide. The team made a big difference. So, did Zuckerberg spoiled his project? We think it is a matter of trust.

He’s sitting on a huge pile of personal data, and he’s monetizing it in a way nobody feels comfortable about. So, why should any government allow him to grow the stack? We should all be aware of the things we post on social media and their treatment.

Manuel, my business partner and Founder at GAUGECASH is a very different kind of guy. His hair is always messy, his scarf is part of his identity, and the way he thinks and talks about giving a free service deserves credibility and support.

He and I disagree in following Elon Musk on Twitter. I’m not a fan of him because of the rumors of him behaving disrespectfully to his co-workers and especially women. To be successful, you must behave properly. Being a millionaire isn’t an excuse to be an idiot.

I'm not a millionaire, and sometimes my behavior is far from perfect. But I’m conscious and make a daily effort to be a better person every day, even when trying to conquer Tether’s market and bring them down.

Our primary mission isn’t to become rich and move to Miami. We want to help people to access wealth management with mini capital. GAUGECASH isn’t made for our benefit. It solves problems: brings decentralization to the market, avoids inflation, and provides free service.

You can all follow Gaugecash on Twitter and LinkedIn and join our Telegram channel to be updated about this excellent work we are all doing.

On Sunday, I do weekly chores. Today I am amazed at how many shoes I have. I was wondering if shoes could become an ERC20 token. I’d buy tons and enjoy a good life. I’m into shoes. But I’m also into innovative thinking and making this world a better place to enjoy shoes ;)

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