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Abril Altés
2 min readMar 22, 2021
“Sólo el que carga el morral sabe lo que trae adentro”

Week 13

Gaugecash was born as a domestic solution to a domestic problem: involve tiny investors in wealth management. White Appleby Capital is a private equity fund grown in Latin America, where small investors are the vas majority and always out of great opportunities for capital growth through high risk/high return investments.

So, blockchain helped us to develop a product to solve that problem. It has a high scalability rate, we want to share it with all the crypto universe to solve a long list of other not-so-domestic problems.

Working at GAUGECASH is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Today I can stand with my head up and proudly say: you make your own faith. I’m making history here, and I strongly invited some people I know to join me.

Some family members made fun of me during the Christmas holidays. I usually ignore them. Like I do now when they call me and ask: -can I buy some Bitcoin with you? Sorry folks, I’m not a trader. I’m proudly a developer, a creator, a solution provider.

Let me tell you the problems GAUGECASH solves: Avoids volatility, Eliminates bank fees, UX so easy and friendly you couldn’t believe it, Erases borders when sending/receiving money, and some others related to central banks and monetary policy.

I’m not selling a cryptocurrency, I’m selling solutions to those problems.

Funding to operate this amazing project I’m growing hasn’t arrived. I really don’t know why. The ICO to help us bring this solution to the world is live at

We are a first-class project, check us up at

People can do crowdfunding all the time. We’re open to that. Buy $GAUF and be part of this new solution to ancient problems related to centralization. DeFi can evolve the way people store, manage and share their wealth. Go to and BUY now!!

Let’s be honest, how many projects you've heard of that really give #Powertothepeople and the ability to really own their money? Not through other vicious companies that come as new or easy going. But through giving the user the power to decide, to act, and to live by their own rules. Gaugecash opens the door to that.

Remember -with great power, comes great responsibility- #staysafe

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