An ode to those who turn 40

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Abril Altés
3 min readMar 1, 2021
Be careful with your blood sugar levels!

Week 9

I’m writing this journal for nine weeks now. This isn’t the journal a teenager writes in a notebook. I’m turning 40 this week so, there’s a good chance I could make more sense.

Scrolling on LinkedIn I found a guy who works in one of these “Crypto Banks” The name itself is an irony. Cryptocurrencies don’t need banks, people can manage their own tokens as they want. Well, the guy, a salesman agreed to connect.

“Hello Abril, how can I help?”

-Well, I was thinking you need my help. Your services seem too old fashioned for me and my company. But, we can help you to improve the way you serve your customers. Visit our website at

“Are you my client? If you or your company aren’t my clients, I’m not interested in your project.”

-Ok. I Won’t be your client. And you won’t bring my solution to your company to serve your customers.

That was it. I wanted to type a lot more. I really had tons of things to say to this man. But my Founder, a really mensurate and well-educated man, talked me out of picking a pointless fight.

Later that day, I was chewing my anger and thinking if he really wanted to help, he could’ve given a crypto investor my number. We’re listed at Coincodex and Coincheckp so, anyone can buy $GAUF and fund this decentralized solution called GAUGECASH

Like I said before, I’m turning 40. I’m a middle-aged woman that has had a great and fulfilled life. Recently I moved from the traditional way of living to this wild but exciting way. Thanks to the few followers of this journal, hope you enjoy the reading.

Because of my birthday and the boring of being lockdown for almost a year, I’m about to ignore all the safety measures to avoid Covid and go on a trip. I think I need vitamin sea, sand, and sun. Being in front of the computer for 10 hours a day is peasing me off. What’s worse: covid or boring?

Doing some research for my #TakeTetherdown crusade I found out there are thousands of people who think as I do. Tether is acting like old-fashioned banks: it lies to its users. It claims things on the press but behind closed doors, shady things happen.

Lucky us who know a great way to store and manage wealth. I can’t wait for this solution to become popular and people to benefit from it. It’ll be a gamechanger. All those bank fees will be part of the past and everyone will be able to manage their money their own way.

Funding is coming. I can feel it. Just not in my pockets yet. It will come, I can bet on that. And you can too, at

Usually, on Sundays I do chores. Today I can’t because there isn’t any running water. I’m concerned about that. What is going on? I talked to some neighbors and found out nothing. I live in a Mexican city with thousands of problems related to public services but this is the worst.

Internet service is failing too, so I think there’s a conspiracy going on. Jajajaja. No, I really don’t think that. I have a great friend who thinks this way. I don’t. I’m busy cleaning, with only 4 liters of water, a three-bedroom house. Oh, my friends, you’ll be amazed at the miracles a mother of two can perform in moments of need.

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