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#Crypto #Founder Journal

Abril Altés
2 min readMar 16, 2021
We are changing all the time, somebody should take note of that

Week 12

Last week was the first time I didn’t post into this journal.

Despite my old friend @copynostra congratulating me for writing even without readers, I’ve been feeling I’m not doing anything meaningful.

Then, scrolling on youtube I discovered my new friend @AliAbdaal.

Show your work and all the reasons he explained brought new light to my inner fight.

In the beginning, this #Crypto #Founder Journal was a marketing strategy for my world-class crypto project @gaugecash. Later, it became a “twitterest” board where I was collecting my thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Now it’s more like the way I have to share the real journey that an average person goes through when decides to move out of her comfort zone.

Follow me here and read me on Twitter. Surely you’ll find yourself thinking “I feel-think this same way, but it’s hard to admit, and even harder to put in words”

Join me on this journey. I can’t promise you we’ll succeed harmlessly, but we’ll enjoy the ride.

This journal isn’t something I could do. Now it’s something I HAVE to do, even if only my mom reads it (Hi mom!).

I’m sure someday, someone will find this helpful and that, my friends, is worth all the effort in the world.

Gaugecash is my very first crypto project. But, surely isn’t my first venture. I founded a peer-to-peer college academic support back in 2000. It still works today! I haven’t thought about the word legacy. It rang a bell today.

Yesterday I thought long about the consequences of this venture: it brings a decentralized solution to several problems related to the decisions made by a small group of people called central banks.

Do we, as an average person, have any power against those (not always accurate) decisions? Well, we didn’t. But now we do. Beginning with being informed and critical thinkers. Later, taking responsibility for ourselves. We can change the world together.

Gaugecash provides an amazing and disruptive service: trade, store and manage your wealth without banks, without centralized monetary policy, and without banking (sometimes excessive) fees.

We’re not anarchists, we’re innovative people who are employing blockchain technology to bring a free service to the world. Join us at and find out WTH I’ve been typing about this past few months.

Follow me on social media and enjoy some fun things I share, wild comments, and some crazy ideas.





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