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Abril Altés
3 min readFeb 15, 2021
What if we change the world for the better?

Week 7

I’ve always been an NFL fan. Last week I felt disappointed. Officials weren’t fair, and the game seemed arranged. Was it only me? Or did anyone else felt the same way?

I’m a 49'ers follower, so you can’t judge me as a “bad loser” because I’m used to losing. I was excited for the Super Bowl, but It was far from what I expected.

That’s life -said my dad- You could hardly get what you expect. Neither do you get more, less, or different. But hardly ever do you get exactly what you want.

I went to bed with that in my mind and chased me for the past week. I know there’s something to learn. I’m chewing it.

A friend of mine tweeted Youtube is a pile of sh*t. I’ve learned tons of things on YT. So, I answered, “You find outside what you are inside. If you find beautiful things, you’re a beautiful person. If you find a pile of sh*t…”

He’s still not talking to me. I might lose his friendship. But I’m surprisingly not sad at all. Relief is the real feeling here. And unfollow was the way to go.

On marketing topics, wondering if centralization is against you? Do you feel your central bank is a stone in your shoe? Move out! You can manage your wealth and store value in a better way at GAUGECASH.

This came out of a talk I had with a Mexican investor. I’m still amazed at how things come in unexpected ways and shapes. He was talking about how people worldwide think.

During the meeting, his top comment was, “If I were Chinese, how awful would it be to store my savings be in dollars. Think about this: it devalues, and the US speak sh*t of me.” We laughed, but there’s a hidden truth in there. Give it a minute.

Today I’m presenting my respect to all those who dare to see things from a different than expected perspective. I’m proudly part of that group that asks, “What if…?”

Because we are shaped into our parents' way, into our communities way, into our religion way, and so on, but truly think for ourselves, take a break and give things a chance, deserves all my respect. Now and forever.

I met the FOMO since I’m part of the crypto space. I’ve never felt it when I was a teacher. But today, it chases me 24/7. The feeling of your life going through your fingers it’s scary. How do you deal with it? Any tips welcome ;)

Finally, let me share this adventure:

Last week I was looking for a partnership with crypto YouTubers. I found out they are ridiculously expensive. I wanted to tag them on Twitter because they’re in crypto Twitter too. But, I can’t afford their names in my Twitter account.

Those teenagers creating wild content and becoming little entrepreneurs are extinct, you know? Now, every YouTube channel is a company. A costly one. I think I’ll grab my camera and do it on my own. If they can, I’m pretty sure I can do it as well.

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