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Abril Altés
3 min readJan 5, 2021
Sometimes life feels pretty much like this, doesn’t it?

Hi. This is Abril Altés, a newbie at writing. I’m a co-founder at GAUGECASH. Also, I’m a two kids mom, a former teacher, and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. This series is meant to share the feelings a person like me goes through while founding, launching, and running a cryptographic company.

You are very welcome to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. There I post everyday. So, if you’re looking for a couple of minutes to take a break from the serious stuff and enjoy my wild adventures, keep reading!

Week 1

WTF was I thinking? I should’ve started a lemonade stand.
If anyone out there understands what a cryptographic solution to centralized monetary policy means, DM me, so I’ll realize I’m not alone.

This happens a lot when you launch a disruptive business: people don’t understand what it’s about, and they ignore you and/or your professional activities.

Later this week, I woke up with that lemonade stand in my mind. It still seems charming… All of it because I am struggling with this raising capital thing. It’s so frustrating!

People invest only in their comfort zones. Suppose they give themselves the opportunity of jumping out of the box. I remembered that a whole new world is on the other side of fear. I understand investors in their hesitations. The ugly truth, though.

This new came to me: my mom wants to buy Bitcoin. She doesn’t understand what that’s about, but it’s on the news. She believes everything she hears on tv. She’s 71, and I can’t do anything to change her mind.

Investors think very like her. At least those whose I’ve talked to. Anyone with a younger way of thinking? Where are you? All those first checks, pre-seed, disruptive founders investors. DM me!

If all this struggle isn’t enough, a friend of mine called me and invited me to join him in that lemonade stand business. What a j*rk!

I challenged him to make more money than me in 5 years. A very expensive tequila bottle is the prize. I don’t think he’ll be able to afford anything else. That tequila bottle is already mine. He’s so screwed!! Please don’t tell him.

He knows anything about cryptocurrencies. Well, he knows anything about anything… I’ll share the tequila whit investors. Maybe that will catch their interest (kidding).

I was trying to develop a marketing strategy targeting the cryptographic users of Tether. How to explain to people that Tether is centralized policy as long as they “deposit” users' money in a Chinese bank, and they aren’t obligated to return the fiat any time?

How to say tether is sh*t without saying it’s a scam. Ups, I typed it. #sorrynotsorry. I ended up using this in a video. You can check it out here.

Did you see Bitcoin's price at 25K? It’s higher now.

Why BTC's price raises? Supply and demand. I love that law. My teacher at economics 101 told me about it. But he didn’t tell me the real reasons why demand grows. He said because of scarcity, but I’m not sure. I think there are other reasons. I mean, gold is available all year round, and the price still increases. My theory is that the price rises because of institutional money going into BTC.

What do you think?

In my raising capital topic, last Sunday, I was like: How to be endorsed — sponsored vc-free? We need money. We don’t have it. We need an announcement. It costs money. It’s the chicken hen game. Solve it is a huge challenge.

I’ll go through this and more challenges to come. I’m capable of that. Join me on social media to find out if this men’s world wins or I do.

See you next week ;)




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