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An ode to early adopters

Abril Altés
2 min readJan 25, 2021
“El que pega primero, pega dos veces”

Week 4

Last week I shared a medium article of a guy who strongly recommends not to become a developer but a trader. His words are still spinning in my mind. I’m not a trader. I’m developing things for a better world!

I’m the co-founder of a disruptive product; we can easily #TakeTetherdown and give the crypto market a truly decentralized solution. Why would I give up to bring something new to the world?

Browsing on Youtube, I found there are thousands of Bitcoin evangelists. What’s their gain of talking so much about it? Is it just for fun? There is a lot less talking about other cryptocurrencies and their real use cases. Usability is the topic here.

This question came into my mind because I was having a cup of coffee and reading a chart of Bitcoin’s price. Are the bitcoiners aware of what is happening with their beloved coin? I ask myself tons of questions every day.

Hope you can share your thoughts with me. Let's talk about the price and the fact that there is less than 20% of the total supply available and unmined. After that goes to cero; what do you think is going to happen?

After thinking long and deep in bitcoiners, I went to a different area of the blockchain ecosystem. I want to present my respect to early adopters. Being part of disruptive technology, a cult, a lifestyle, even a diet requires big balls. Please understand me; I admire people like that.

Being a crypto entrepreneur is a hell of a ride. Unbelievably wild but, at the same time, nourishing and enlightening. I’ve learned I’m capable of things I thought impossible and way out of reach for me. Now I’m aware of a different world I didn’t know existed. Friends, it’s a great world! We can make it greater when we #takeTetherdown and give the crypto world a better way to do business.

Of course, I’m on that path because it’s the main purpose of my project: The GAUGECASH. Read more about it here.

Remember my raising round? I’m still on it. Looking for a long term partner, not a one night stand. There are thousands of VCs, funds, angels, but I haven’t found a match. It’s harder than Tinder!

After my weekly chores, I couldn’t help myself watching a movie Alejandro Sanz made last year. Highly recommended. Available in Prime video, it's called El Mundo fuera. It gave the whole covid thing a very new perspective for me.

We tend to think our problems are the world’s problems. But they are not. Empathy is important. Let's keep it in mind this week.

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