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An ode to brave people (and Star Wars fans)

Abril Altés
2 min readFeb 1, 2021
May the force be with you

Week 5

You know I have two kids. The 13y came to my “office” (I sit to work on a couch in my bedroom) and said: “I want to move to Spain.” That statement came out of the blue for me, but he had been thinking about that for almost a week.

He’s a Star Wars fan, and he found an academy where young people are thought to fight with laser sabers. I was laughing out to my tears! He wants to drop school and move all by himself to learn how to fight with a stick!

Sorry, I know I’m not supposed to be so cruel, but I’m on my knees trying to raise capital for growing a company, and this teenager wants to move to Madrid just like that.

So, I didn’t want to break his heart anymore and promised that I’d send him on a 2022 summer vacation to Spain and play with a stick if I got rich in two years. He agreed, and now we are friends again. I went back to work and him to play Minecraft.

My founder is no different. He also wants to play with sticks. But titanium golf sticks. Jez! Teens surround me! He is a little harder to negotiate with; he’s 40 and didn’t buy the idea of me getting rich in two years.

We work hard, but he thinks we won’t be super-rich in two years. His broadcast suggests five years. Well, middle rich is enough for me, for the summer playing with laser sabers and for him to play golf every week.

I dream of a simple life, you know? Waking up and having breakfast without the hurry of a 9–5 job, making my own work schedule, and having enough money to buy another pair of shoes (a girl never has enough shoes).

Super-rich is out of the table, but at least I’ll have tequila! That friend challenged me to make more money with a lemonade stand than me in crypto. Remember him? He’s so screwed! You’re still invited to tequila day.

A very emotional week this past one. A little lazy at work because my founder and I were busy typing new memes and small texts to share on social media about the real reasons an investor shouldn’t let go of the opportunity of investing in GAUGECASH this very January.

I hope this hilarious adventure at home gives you a break from the stress and high steaks at work.

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