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An ode to Crypto people

Abril Altés
3 min readJan 11, 2021
A beautiful world. That’s what everything is about

Week 2

On Monday, I was trying to solve how to be endorsed — sponsored VC-free. I need money. I don’t have it. I need an announcement. It costs money. It’s the chicken and the egg dilemma. Solve this is a considerable challenge. It kept me awake and wondering for a long time.

I burned dinner. I didn’t notice the stove was on.

I felt envious of my former co-workers. A friend called me to talk and see how’s the new year going. She wanted to know if I was back in business.

Well, I never left. I’ll take a break after finishing this raising seed round. A day or two without social media or zoom meetings or email typing. Sounds nice. In the meantime, I continued working my ass off to afford a long trip around the world. And some R&D, some marketing, and so on.

My friend is sincerely worried about me. She was trying to distract me by complaining about her school teacher job. Men! I yelled at her.

“You think you have a hard work? Girl,try to convince VCs of investing in a disruptive product. Try to create awareness of crypto in the fiat world. Try to launch a DeFi project. That is hard!”

Working on a DeFi project. Trying to sell real innovation. Being confident of success against all odds is hard work. It gets harder if friends imply you’re acting like a fool in something they don’t believe real.

So, I turned back to my readings and my courses. I’m following Robert Schiller (Nobel prize winner) on Youtube. He will talk about me. Yes, he will. Gaugecash will bring economic benefits to everyone through Gaugeindex. He loves math, and the science behind Gaugecash will charm him.

I hope he discovers Gaugecash sooner than later and comments about it in his social media profiles or Yale courses.

Reading about the lawsuit against Tether coming soon, I was wondering about knowing DeFi things. There's a lot of people that still believe Tether is a decentralized cryptographic solution. Tether is a scam. Please quote me on that.

Being a full-time crypto entrepreneur is a thing and deserves #respect. Today I’m honoring developers, programmers, CMM, marketers, and everyone in crypto who is on this journey with me. We are changing the world.

My friends and family don’t understand what my company is about. I’m a little tired of trying to explain it. I mean, how hard is it to understand the words “mathematical formula,” “economic policy,” “worldwide store and exchange value”? I know most people aren’t aware of “blockchain” or “cryptography,” but c’mon…

On Saturday, I talked to an investor. I think he wasn’t happy to speak to me, he was too serious and didn’t ask any questions. Maybe he was tired. It happens sometimes. I get tired also, you know? But I always try to be nice. People don’t deserve to be treated like I’m doing them a favor of giving them some of my time. Investors, please, if you’re done for the day, call for a reschedule, don’t act like an a*ss. We are all in this together.

This is a human journey, nothing fancy—just a middle-aged woman looking for a better world for her children.

I hope next week goes along better and I achieve goals for a change.

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