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An ode to all those who dare to leave the comfort zone

Abril Altés
2 min readFeb 8, 2021
The best of life is on the other side of fear

Week 6

February is here. Days go by so quickly I can still remember what happened ten days ago with the Gamestop thing. The power of social media is the lesson there. Despite legally made or not, the mob made it happen.

A real example of what will happen once we decide to give power to the people. It's not a very rational example, but it’s how things should work: a large group makes decisions on their own.

My team and I are looking for a great place to locate our startup. We are looking for a more advanced crypto ecosystem. So, I talked to a friend in Manchester, UK. Moving in sounds good. The thing is, I’m Mexican, and the sun is a big deal for me. I really need sunny days to function. So do my children.

Last week we made friends with a guy at Avalanche. He’s awesome. Every time we talk to someone who realizes how exciting and powerful our decentralized solution is, I feel like I’m on the right path. That kind of feedback works like a charm.

It is very encouraging when someone, out of the blue, calls and says, “Your project is awesome”. Feels even better than Christmas.

Today I’d like to present my respect to a cherished friend who recently reached out and told me how proud he is of me. As teachers, we worked together, and he thinks changing one’s life is not a whim but a commitment.

I wrote before that I was a rural teacher. Somehow I found out I wasn’t happy or near. So, I looked for a different path and found entrepreneurship. Even better: crypto entrepreneurship. I couldn’t go back. GAUGECASH is my life now, and it’s incredible!

Two years ago, I was awake at 5 am but feeling my life going to waste. Now, I’m awake until 7, but my days are full of joy and accomplishments. It would be best if you realized it’s not about how early bird you are; it’s about how effectively you live.

Since I decided to move out of a job I liked but not loved, everything shines. My children are healthier, my workload isn’t that heavy or frustrating, and enjoy little things became a habit.

Today I raise my glass to all the people who decided to leave the comfort zone and get their lives into a better way: a happier and more enjoyable way of living. It doesn’t matter if it’s out of the box.

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